Sunday, February 17, 2008


There were wonderful cloud patterns in the sunset this night at Bosque del Apache NWR. The ice on the marsh does not have the same relfective qualities as open water would. This is the picture the previous mandala was made from. It was cold when we were down there and it's been cold up here. However, the sheet of ice that extended from our sidewalk to the middle of the street finally melted a good deal yesterday. With another warm day, we are supposed to have one Monday, maybe all of it will melt. Spring has to be waiting in the wings, I found my snowdrop poking it's head above the ground yesterday.

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n said...

Hi E!

I have just finally been able to see your blog site and how wonderful it is!!!! I just adore the very first white flower picture and of course all of the rest too!! Thanks for putting up such a wonderful site!!

Hugs N