Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the real picture

This is the unaltered picture of one of the trees twisted off by the wind.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to the mountains

When we head up to the mountains each spring, we always wonder what we will find at the cabin. Everything with the cabin was OK, but 4 lodgepole pines up the hill,were twisted off all about five feet high, probably by a microburst of wind. It is a strange site, I took a picture straight down into the still standing base where a pinecone had blown after the damage. I'm not sure you can tell from the pie-pieces of the mandala, but there are ragged edges all around and a cavity in the middle where the pinecone lodged. I cannot image the force that is required to cause this damage. The trees were at least 12" in diameter. In the 1980's - the area straight south from the cabin was a blow down site also. The trees are all blown uphill. A wilderness site north east of Steamboat Springs had a many acre area involved in a blowdown about 10 years ago. It made the news.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rain and more rain

This is an interesting image. The original photo had rain dripping from a patio uubrella. The top of the umbrella and the sky were all white, so when the pie piece was taken for the kaleidoscope all it left was a little tuft of green from a nearby tree. So I backfilled with black and the image above is the result. The grey area above is the edge of the umbrella, if you look close you may be able to see the rain drops. We had two days of rain this week. Here in semi arid Colorado any moisture is appreciated, but this was a bit much. The red in the middle is a Japanese maple.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

new catalpa leaves

Growing up with a full grown catalpa tree in the backyard was interesting. I especially liked the blooms. Beside being fragrant, they made fine finger puppets and when the blossoms fell they created a carpet of flowers on the ground. It was a big tall strong tree with hugh leaves that could be used as fans and then came the long beans that hung down like decorations. I just have a 5 foot start in my backyard now, the above picture is from some tip growth. I was pleasantly surprised when we took a geneology trip to Illinois we found lots of catalpa trees in the wild and we were there for the blooms.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

to celebrate rain

We had a good soaking rain today. So in honor of the rain a mandala with water droplets. I had fun with this one last year as a droplet formed on a tendril of a pumpkin plant.

Monday, May 21, 2007

iceland poppies

The iceland poppies were just starting to bloom in the court yard of the Central City Opera House. I took 2 juried pieces of my mandalas to the art gallery across from the Central City Opera house yesterday. The gallery gets the intermission crowd from the Opera House.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

View of Mount Evans from Cherry Creek

This is a landscape shot of the horizon in February, with lots of snow on Mt. Evans, the bare branckes of the cottonwoods and willows and the bright blue sky. Trees and branches always make interesting patterns. The pie piece I chose makes the mountain snow appear to be icing on the star shape.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Nature's mandala are flowers. Their pie shaped pieces (petals) surround a center that draws the eye to it. Flowers are designed to draw insects to the center to pollinate the flowers. The bee in the picture had already been to the center and was just leaving.
My flower gardens are popping with blooms spring is such a joyous time in the garden.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The misty - ness of cloud pictures appeals to me. It does not create the crisp lined mandala that other subjects do - but there is an appeal to clouds, to the softer side of things.

Monday, May 14, 2007

new leaves on cottonwood trees

Branches make such interesting patterns when made into mandala. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the shapes that form.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

just lit anemone

Then anemone is a perennial herb of the buttercup family(I looked it up in Merriam Webster). Mine are starting to open. Such an explosion of flowers starting to bloom. I've been planting more as well! For Sophia.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Prickly Pear Tunas

This picture was juried into the Gilpin County Art show along with a mandala titled Yucca. It is one of my favorites. I like growing cactus and taking pictures of their flowers, or as in the case above the cactus seed pods. I am continually greatful that others enjoy my work.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rat Tail Cactus

My rat tail cactus does not bloom regularly so it is a treat when it does, as it did this spring. It is a bright pink flower. I'm going to print some of my mandala on tiles, should be interesting and functional. When the web site is working you may order and buy tile mandala.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunset Sunflower

Quotes and sayings sometimes just hit the mark. The picture above started as a sunset off the coast of Costa Rica, with the sun going down behind a small island in the distance. The sun was on the horizon, which was as far as I could see that evening.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bougainvillea series

Bougainvillea Star 2
I've done a whole series of Bougainvillea mandalas. They have such bright colors and they were blooming in the sunroom in late winter. It added a cheery bright spot on rather gray days. They were reflecting off of my silding doors which created an nice echo of color. I experimented with many variations of the bougainvillea theme. I will post more of them as time goes by. This picture was juried into a show in Lone Tree.

Friday, May 4, 2007

sunrise mandala

Sunrise colors are so beautiful, and the bare tree limbs make interesting patterns. This is a five pointed mandala which creates a star in the middle. The sun is a star.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mullein Star

May Day has become a day of giving flowers and Mother's day is coming up so we can celebrate with more flowers. There are so many different varieties that have developed over the years. Mullein is the tall spike (3 feet ofr more) you see on the plains with big fuzzy leaves. I celebrate flowers by growing them and taking their pictures. NOVA had a program on the First Flower, it was very interesting.