Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thinking of flowers on a cold day

I was going thru my gardening books and donating unused ones to the Library. One I kept was called Flower Fables by Geraldine E. Nicholson, just a small booklet that started with Anemone, Flower of the wind. It had a discription of "a bluish cup-shapped wild flower, the pasque flower. Pasque (Old French) means Easter, and the name was given to this species by the herbalist Gerarde in 1597 because at Easter is when it blossoms. . . It is the state flower of South Dakota. . . .it is also considered a symbol of old age because of its silvery heads of feathery seeds. Anemones have figured in Indians Songs, legends, and medicines. . patches of these flowers on short furry stems give the appearance of haze. 'Praire smoke" the Indians called them. " We saw a beautiful patch on our way to the mountains this past spring. Usually I see them in smaller groupings of one or two. So of course took a picture that was transformed into the mandala above.

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